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Providers at each of our clinics fit patients in a variety of soft contact lenses when the need for contact lens wear is justified. Contact lens fittings are performed only at the discretion of the provider. Contact lenses are only purchased for active duty personnel working in a special warfare or aviation unit where required equipment impedes the use of glasses.

A contact lens fit involves assessing the lenses for proper fit and movement on the surface of the eye, ensuring each lens provides the proper visual correction, and training the patient how to properly insert, remove, clean, and store the contact lenses. A contact lens prescription is not the same as a prescription for glasses.

Specialty contact lens fits are performed only at NMCSD. Specialty contact lenses are only fit for patients that demonstrate a medical necessity for correction with contact lenses. These patients often suffer from unique eye conditions, trauma, or diseases which prohibit good vision with glasses correction alone. Some of these conditions include severe dry eye syndrome, irregular astigmatism, keratoconus and other forms of corneal ectasia.

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