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TRICARE Open Season 2021 has closed. The next open season will take place in the fall of 2022. If you didn’t enroll or make a change to your TRICARE health plan during open season, you must wait until the next open season unless you have a TRICARE Qualifying Life Event (QLE). To learn more, visit:
With news of the contagious and potentially deadly illness known as novel coronavirus grabbing headlines worldwide, military health officials say that an informed, common sense approach minimizes the chances of getting sick. (Graphic by Military Health System)
Regular physical activity reduces the risk of many adverse health outcomes and increases life expectancy.1 Being active also improves overall quality of life and performance - both on and off the job. According to the 2019 Fleet and Marine Corps Health Risk Assessment Annual Report, 33 percent of active duty Navy and 22 percent of active duty Marine Corps respondents indicated a lack of moderate or vigorous intensity aerobic exercise in their routine.2 A smaller percentage of active duty Navy and Marine Corps respondents indicated a lack of strength training exercises, 22 percent and 16 percent, respectively.2 The positive picture is active duty Sailors and Marines exceed the general population in their activity levels as less than half of the overall U.S. adult population get the recommended physical activity needed each week.

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