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Day of Surgery Instructions

Upon arrival to NMCSD, you will report to the Main Operating Room, building 1, 4th floor surgery check-in room (unless otherwise instructed by your provider) One escort may stay with you in the preoperative area (2 for pediatric patients). This is strictly enforced due to the COVID-19 Pandemic.

We also require that you and your escort wear face coverings or masks. You and your escort will be screened for the corona virus.

We will have you sign your admission paperwork and asked a series of questions. You will then be escorted to Pre-Op Hold where you will change into a gown, and start getting prepared for your procedure. At this time your escort may explore the beautiful NMCSD campus or take a seat in the waiting room. Due to social distancing requirements you might not be able to see your escort again until after surgery.

Your anesthesia provider will meet with you and discuss your anesthesia. Your surgeon may also see you in this area before surgery. Your operating room nurse will then greet you and take you into the operating room. You may be asked same questions a few different times. This is done purposefully to ensure your safety.

You will then be transported to the Operating Room. At this time your escort may explore the beautiful NMCSD campus or take a seat in the waiting room.
If you are accompanying a child having surgery you must remain in the area. We may need to ask you questions and we want you to be available to come to the Post Anesthesia Care Unit (PACU) when your child arrives.

The operating room is a dynamic environment. Please understand the expected length of your procedure quoted by your surgeon is only an estimate. Some surgeries take longer than estimated and sometimes scheduled surgeries are delayed by emergencies. Though we strive to start every case at the time it is scheduled, we apologize in advance if your surgery is delayed.
After your procedure you will go to the PACU. The average time in the PACU is between one (1) and one and a half (1.5) hours.

Note: this is average you may take more or less time to recover. Family members are not allowed to accompany you in the PACU (only exception is parents of children).
Your surgeon will communicate with your escort about how the procedure went and how you are doing.

After the PACU you will go to your assigned room. If you are going home the same day you will most likely go to our Same Day Surgery Unit located on 4 North. If you are being admitted to stay one or more nights you will go to an inpatient nursing unit.
If your escort is unable to wait for the entire time, we can make arrangements to contact that person with a time to pick you up.

Remember you MUST have a responsible adult take you home the day of surgery, or you will be required to spend the night at NMCSD, in addition service members that live in the barracks or on a ship will be required to spend the night at NMCSD. If you live in the barracks, on a ship or are unable to have anyone drive you home the day of surgery, please let your surgeon know so they can make arrangements for you to spend the night. You will be able to leave first thing the next morning in most cases.

Please feel free to ask us questions. If we do not have the answers we will do our best to get you an answer.

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