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The Cancer Registry follows patients diagnosed and/or treated at NMC San Diego for a malignancy. The data collected is used for the evaluation of the care of our patients. The reports created enable the command to assess the cancer treatment given and also compare our data with that of other healthcare facilities.

Cancer Registry also performs follow-up annually (by mail or phone) on all cancer patients to gather survival/treatment statistics.

The Cancer Registry, under the administrative supervision of the Patient Administration Department and the clinical supervision of the Oncology Advisory Group, manages a complete database on all cancer patients diagnosed and/or treated at the Naval Medical Center, San Diego.

The Registry documents and stores all the significant elements of the patient's history and treatment, which includes demographics, anatomic site, and extent or stage of disease at the time of diagnosis. Lifetime follow-up is essential in providing the medical staff and researchers with outcome and end results data.

The Cancer Registry assists the Oncology Advisory Group with bi-monthly meetings, attendance at Tumor Conferences, Quality Improvement of the Cancer Program at NMCSD, and the survey for the American College of Surgeons Approved Cancer Programs.

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