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Thank you for exploring our website and class offerings. We couldn’t be more excited to be here as a resource for the patients and staff at this command. 
As a program, we offer three types of care. Continue reading below for class descriptions and registration information:
  • Education Classes
  • Skill-Building Classes
  • Yoga and Meditation
  • Special Events
Additionally, we participate in health events and are collaborative members of the military health community.
We are happy to provide personalized presentations and events based on the needs of your sailors, patients, staff, and participants. Please let us know how we can best support you and your work!

Registration Information
​​For Patients:
To register for any of our classes, please call the Health and Wellness Department front desk at (619) 532-7764. This is considered a self-referral.
​For Providers:
You can submit an official referral via MHS Genesis for Mind Body Medicine. When making your referral, ensure it is routed as “Health and Wellness: MBM”. This is considered a provider-referral, but your patients can also self-refer using the option above.

​What To Expect: First Steps               
Regardless of referral method, incoming patients will have a medical appointment with one of our RN Health Coaches. Together with the patient, our providers will assess the patient’s needs and collaboratively develop a plan for next steps. This plan may include education classes, skill-building classes, or a mix of the two, and also includes other classes in the Health and Wellness Department.
We recognize that medical providers are busy and in a constantly changing occupation. Due to this, we don’t expect patients or providers to continually stay up-to-date on our offerings. Instead, this initial meeting with our RN Health Coaches will provide the most updated information about our classes and events.
All you have to do is call the Health and Wellness Department’s front desk (or refer your patients to use) to learn more: (619) 532-7764.

What is Mind Body Medicine?

“Mind Body Medicine” is an umbrella term that includes a wide range of activities, therapies, classes, and events aimed at supporting the holistic and biomedical wellness of patients.
Similar terms to “Mind Body Medicine” that may be familiar are: integrative medicine, holistic health, whole health, and complementary medicine.     

About Mind Body Medicine

Across the globe, many ancient cultures and civilizations believed in the healing power of the mind and the inherent connection between ourselves and our environments. With time and scientific advances, popular medicine shifted focus toward a treatment model that emphasized bodily health and under-emphasized mental health, emotional well-being, and the personal values of patients.
Over the past 50 years, however, an ever-growing body of research has unveiled the immense power of the mind to impact our health. In fact, Mind Body Medicine is regularly used in evidence-based clinical guidelines for medical providers and these approaches are best used in tandem with biomedical services. 

​Prevalence of Mind Body Medicine  

Mind Body approaches tend to be low-cost and easily personalized, which make them an attractive option for many people. Additionally, as time goes on, we learn more and more about the many ways that Mind Body Medicine can support health and wellbeing. 
Research done between 2013 and 2014 indicate that about 1 in 5 US adults (approximately 20%) report actively using at least 1 Mind Body technique within the previous 12 months of being asked. Furthermore, researchers found that meditation (a common Mind Body technique) has greatly increased in popularity. Between 2012 and 2017, the amount of US adults who meditated more-than tripled (prevalence data from Wolsko, Eisenberg, Davis, & Phillips [2004]).

Mind Body Medical Approaches Support Healing

Mind Body Medicine techniques have shown to be effective in supporting health outcomes related to the following conditions (this list is not exhaustive). Some conditions have a wide body of research supporting Mind Body approaches as effective, and other conditions have some research supporting their use, but not enough for clinical guidance. As always, check with your medical provider prior to starting any new health-related practice or routine. The below conditions are listed in alphabetical order.
  • Allergies
  • Anxiety
  • Arthritis
  • Asthma
  • Cancer
  • Chronic Pain
  • COPD
  • Coronary Artery Disease
  • Dermatological Conditions
  • Diabetes
  • Headaches
  • Hypertension
  • Incontinence
  • Infertility
  • Insomnia and Other Sleep Challenges
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome
  • Lower Back Pain
  • Recent or Upcoming Surgery
  • Stroke
  • Tinnitus
  • Ulcers

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Class Descriptions

Intro to Mind Body Medicine: Readiness and Resiliency

1. What is “Mind Body Medicine”? Join us as we explore integrative health topics and mindfulness-based activities that promote holistic wellness.
2. This class will introduce the patient to MBM and empower participants to explore their optimal health potential through selfawareness.
3. This class answers the question, “What is Mind Body Medicine?” and introduces the patient to a variety of terms and practices in the field.
4. Patients will leave having identified at least one new mindfulness skill.


Effective Stress Management and Resiliency

1. Feeling stressed? Join us as we learn about how stress affects all areas of our lives, how your Stress Response Cycle works, and get introduced to a variety of stress reduction tools and skills.
2. Remember: Being proactive (not reactive) helps you build resiliency in the face of stressors!
3. We will begin with learning about various processes in the body and nervous system that become active during stressful situations.
4. Then we will explore some specific skills and techniques you can practice on your own to manage stress.


Coping Education and Skills - Part 1

Part 1 (Navigating Rough Waters):
1. This class will introduce patients to the importance of understanding coping and coping styles, as well as how coping and resilience are related.
2. You will identify healthy and unhealthy ways to cope and then explore a range of positive strategies for managing stressful situations.

Daily Walking for Wellness

1. Join the Walking Club and/or the Power Walking Group.
2. These provide daily opportunities for increased physical activity and mindfulness.
3. We will walk at a rapid pace in and outside of the hospital grounds and participants should be in good physical condition and able to walk briskly without pain for 1-3 miles.
4. These groups will encourage you to practice getting out into nature more and be more productive, improve focus, and develop an attitude of gratitude.

Coping Education and Skills - Part 2 (Find Your Compass):

1. After taking the Coping Education class, take it further by exploring specific tools and techniques to personalize and optimize your ability to cope.
2. In this class, we will deep dive into your existing habits and how to build-in coping skills for your continued readiness and resiliency.
3. By promoting holistic situational awareness you will enhance your capacity to cope.

The ABCs of ZZZs: Skills to Get2Sleep

1. After completing the “Get 2 Sleep” class, take it further by exploring how to create a personalized sleep routine, develop time management skills, and explore sleep hygiene methods.
2. Also, we will experience a Progressive Muscle Relaxation exercise to help you fall asleep faster when done at home.

Finding Your Zen

1. Spend some time outdoors getting fresh air, practicing mindfulness and exploring what works individually for you.
2. Learn new skills you can put in your resiliency tool kit to improve self confidence, focus, and gratitude.

Success Under Stress: Resiliency Skills

1. In this class, patients will be introduced to the effects of stress on wellbeing and how working towards a resilient approach can not only improve readiness but can also help with satisfaction and quality of life.
2. Patients will explore specific types of recreation therapy and will be provided resources for finding these in the community.
3. Also, learn how to PLAY: Promote Laughter and Accept Yourself!

Pain Management for Chronic Pain Course

1. This insightful and in-depth 8 week course dives into the physical, mental, emotional, and social aspects of chronic pain.
2. Taught by an expert psychologist with many years of experience in Pain Management, this highly sought-after course fills up quickly.

Gardening: Grow with a Master Gardener

1. Taught by a Master Gardener on different elements of gardening.
2. You will learn the skills on how to compost, grow micro greens, propagate from seeds and plants.
3. All fresh produce we grow can go home with you to encourage healthier eating and mindfulness.

Yoga Meditation for Mind-Body Awareness

1. Join us as we explore some basic yoga poses and stretches.
2. This slow-moving class focuses on mind-body awareness, breathing exercises, and mindfulness-building techniques. Beginners welcome!
3. We will start with gentle stretching and light mind-body activities.
4. Then we will explore various yoga poses, both, physically and mindfully. Lastly, we will again stretch our bodies and finish with a relaxing meditation.

Meditation for Relaxation and Rejuvenation

1. Think you can't meditate? Join us for a relaxing meditation experience and un-learn some meditation myths.
2. Try out a variety of meditation exercises to find your favorite!
3. For this meditation you will join the virtual meditation space and simply listen along as you are guided through a rejuvenating meditation.
4. If you have other obligations, you are welcome to join for just a portion, or you are welcome to join the entire meditation if you have the time.

Mindful Breathing for Stress Management

1. Did you know the average person breaths 22,000 times per day?
2. Learn how to harness the power of your breath for self-awareness, energy, motivation, and resiliency when feeling stressed.
3. In this class, you will be introduced to the importance of breathing for our bodies as well as some basic breathing science.
4. Then we will practice a variety of mindful breathing techniques so you can reflect on which exercises resonate with you the most!

Yoga Essentials and Safety

1. New to yoga or want to learn the basics?
2. Our certified yoga teacher will introduce you to the world of yoga, how to be safe when moving into poses, and also help you learn some essential yoga poses.
3. Each class will begin with an overview of yoga (including a brief history and descriptions of yoga styles), then move into a discussion of physical safety on the mat.
4. A core set of poses will then be introduced, with time reserved at the end for relaxation and answering questions.

Intro to Yoga – Styles, Flow, and Building a Personal Practice

1. What IS yoga? Whether you are new to yoga or an experienced yogi, this class will provide the education and skills necessary to support your journey into self-discovery through yoga.
2. Join our certified yoga teacher as we explore descriptions and examples of different yoga styles and poses.
3. Then, learn how to develop a sequence of poses that flow together well.
4. Finally, you'll integrate your knowledge and skills to develop a personalized yoga plan to help you meet your goals!

Sun Salutation Intensive – Deep Dive and Flow Exploration

1. Need a simple (but effective) full-body stretch and workout?
2. Look no further! Join our certified yoga teacher to deep-dive into a sequence of poses called "Sun Salutations" and explore your strength and flexibility in a new way!
3. Each class will open with introductory stretches that build up to the full Sun Salutation sequence.
4. Then, the participants will learn the poses and put it all together, all while developing a broader sense of mindfulness and self-awareness.

Yoga for Stress Management and Rejuvenation

1. Feeling stressed or burnt out? Join our certified yoga teacher to explore the best yoga poses and sequences for stress management, rejuvenation, relaxation, and self-care.
2. Each class will start with a discussion about stress and how our bodies respond during stressful situations.
3. The importance of mindful breathing will also be discussed.
4. Then, you will learn a variety of yoga poses and sequences that can easily be adapted to (almost) any situation you may find yourself in.

We offer quarterly events aimed at promoting whole health and we regularly attend health fairs and other public educational events. In the past we’ve appeared on the command’s Now Hear This show, we’ve facilitated a Mind Body Book Club, hikes through Balboa Park, Staff Appreciation Week, and other creative and inspiring activities. 

For GS and Contract staff, we also provide quarterly “Weeks of Wellness” to promote employee health and provide dedicated services to our non-patient staff.
Interested but don’t see what you’re looking for?
Email us your event/program/project proposal or description and we may be able to help! For more information or to inquire, please email Christopher Spurling – Program Manager for Mind Body Medicine at
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