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Occupational Medicine

We operate Occupational Health Units (OHU's) at major Naval installations throughout the San Diego area. Each OHU provides clinical services to the military and civilian employees on that base in support of the Navy's Occupational Safety and Health Program.

Medical Surveillance Examinations 

Medical Surveillance Examinations Medical surveillance programs are designed to protect workers who are exposed or potentially exposed to hazardous substances in the workplace. Placement of personnel in medical surveillance programs is based primarily on the results of the Industrial Hygiene Survey completed by the Industrial Hygiene Department. These hazards may include: asbestos, lead, isocyanates, cadmium, solvents, noise, ionizing radiation, pesticides, blood borne pathogens, etc. Examinations are conducted on a periodic basis (click here for document), usually annually.

Job Certification Examinations

Job certification examinations are for jobs that have specific medical standards, licensing requirements or are mandated by instruction. These include: firefighter, respirator certification, forklift operator, childcare worker, motor vehicle operator, explosives handler and driver, crane operator, etc. The examination frequency (click here for document) is variable, based on the certification.

Work-related Injury and Illness Care for Civilian Employees 

Civil Service and Non-appropriated Fund employees are eligible for care and follow-up in Occupational Health for their work-related (occupational) injuries and illnesses. They also have the right to choose their private medical provider for care.

Consultative Services

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All OHUs are open Monday through Friday, 0700-1530.


Naval Training Center
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Additional Locations

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