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Pediatric ICU

In the PICU, we care for children from birth through 23 years of age admitted with life-threatening illness or injury. Our team includes: Board-certified pediatric critical care physicians who direct patient care and lead our team of experts. Nurses with specialized training in the care of critically ill and injured children who provide 24-hour bedside care with expertise and compassion, as well as corpsmen who assist our nurses.

Respiratory therapists with extensive pediatric experience who ensure excellent care of children with breathing problems and run our breathing machines. A pediatric nutritionist who ensures that every child receives appropriate nutrition while in the PICU. A pediatric pharmacist who assists with appropriate choices and dosing of medications. A social worker who helps families cope with the stress of having a child in the PICU and assists families in getting the support and resources they need. Fellows, resident physicians, and medical students who are training to provide pediatric critical care while under close supervision by our attending physicians. Most importantly, our patients and their parents whose input and participation is essential in the care we provide.

The PICU team is committed to providing the highest level of care to our patients. Further, we strive to care for the parents, siblings, and other family members of our patients because we appreciate how stressful it can be to have a child in the PICU. Family and friends are allowed to visit patients in the PICU at any time. However, due to space constraints only one parent is allowed to sleep at the child's bedside. The PICU can be a bit scary for siblings. If siblings plan to visit, parents may wish to contact our social worker to discuss how best to prepare children for their visit to the PICU.

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