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NMCSD Pharmacy mission is:
To provide pharmaceutical care to all patients authorized to receive prescriptions from the Naval Medical Center San Diego.
To exercise leadership in the Medical Center in all matters related to the use of drugs.
To support the education, training and research objectives of the Medical Center to maintain medical readiness for war.

Easy Step-by-Step to Start Refilling Prescriptions at NMCSD Today

1. Beneficiaries do NOT have to enroll to use NMCSD pharmacies, simply swing by or call NMCSD's patient administration (619-532-8319) to register in the Composite Health Care System, more commonly known by providers as CHCS, to start using your NMCSD's pharmacy.)

2. Each new prescription must be presented to the pharmacy for initial filling. Once it is filled the first time, you will receive a prescription number. Thereafter you can refill online through the NMCSD webpage or via telephone. Pick up/delivery options vary (please see chart below).

3. Most MTFs medications can be found via the TRICARE formulary search tool: TRICARE Formulary

Naval Medical Center San Diego Pharmacy 

Military Treatment Facility (MTF) pharmacies are your least expensive option for refills! MTF refills are FREE to you. You can have formulary (covered generic and brand medications) prescriptions filled (up to a 90-day supply for most medications) at a Military Treatment Facility (MTF) pharmacy FREE of charge.

NMCSD Offers Several Convenient Ways to Refill Your Prescriptions:

By phone
One call takes care of it! Just call (619) 532-8400 to refill your prescription.
In person
We have six (6) locations where you may pick-up a refill prescription:
1. Naval Base Coronado Pharmacy
2. Naval Training Center Pharmacy
3. Miramar Exchange Pharmacy
4. Naval Base San Diego, Navy Exchange Pharmacy
5. Branch Health Clinic Eastlake Pharmacy
6. Naval Branch Health Clinic NAF El Centro Pharmacy

TOL Pharmacy refill offers three (3) main capabilities to our beneficiaries:

**Requires DOD login setup to request refills and use other advanced features**

Refills may be requested for one or more prescriptions, and the beneficiary will choose a pick-up location for their prescriptions. Pick-up locations available would include the beneficiary's MTF and any satellite/clinic pharmacies associated with the MTF.
If the beneficiary's MTF participates in the CMOP mailed refills program, "Mail Order" will be shown as a pick-up location. When requesting a prescription refill you will be asked to:
a. enter the numeric portion of the prescription number(s) to be refilled
b. confirm the last four (4) digits of your sponsor's SSN
c. select a pick-up location
Link to TriCare Online (TOL) 
When the beneficiary has requested refills online, they can check the status of the request. Since TOL only tracks the statuses of refills requested through TOL, refills requested in person or via phone will not be shown in TOL. The beneficiary may check refill request statuses by selecting their pick-up location, and all refill requests for that location will be displayed.
When requesting prescription refills from the TRICARE Mail Order Pharmacy (TMOP), TOL will actually take the beneficiary to the TMOP web page so that the refill can be requested directly through that web site. The original TOL browser window will remain open and active in the background, so that when the TMOP refill request is completed, the beneficiary will be returned to TOL.

Important Information

Pharmacy Locations
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Contact Us


(619) 532-8400

NMCSD Pharmacy Hours


NMCSD Main Outpatient Pharmacy hours beginning Sunday, February 28th, 2021:
Monday-Friday: 0800-1800 (currently 0800-1900)
Saturdays: 0900-1700 (currently 0800-1800)
Sundays:  1000-1400 (currently 0800-1800)
Federal Holidays: Closed (limited pharmacy services to only for ED and inpatient discharge).



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