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Nuclear Medicine Clinic

Overview of Services

NMCSD’s Division of Nuclear Medicine focuses on safe and effective techniques towards the unique imaging of organ system metabolism, function and structure as well as the treatment of disease.

Our Gamma and SPECT/CT scanners offer NMCSD clinicians an innovative tool to gather medical information regarding cardiac, pulmonary, renal, gastrointestinal, genitourinary, lymphatic and osseous processes.

In addition, a dedicated PET/CT scanner aids in the diagnosis and staging of malignancy as well as for assessing response to therapy.

The entire NMCSD Nuclear Medicine division is committed to safely performing all studies with the smallest amount of radiopharmaceutical reasonably allowable.

Contact Us


Front Desk 
(619) 532-8666
Nuclear Medicine Scheduling
(619) 532-8775
PET/CT Scheduling
(619) 532-9280


34800 Bob Wilson Drive
Suite 403
San Diego, CA 92134
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