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Genital and Pelvic Reconstruction

Genital and pelvic reconstruction refers to a discipline within Urology conceived to reconstitute normal anatomy and function in the genital and pelvic regions of the genitourinary tract affected by an assortment of diseases and afflictions. Reconstructive urology in general has made significant advances in the past twenty years with a better understanding of mechanisms of injury, principles of reconstruction, and the advancement of surgical techniques. Urology has evolved to recognize that surgical aspects of restoring normal bodily functions are as crucial as controlling or removing diseased organs alone.

In the genital and pelvic region, advanced surgery has evolved for all areas of reconstruction of the penis and scrotum, male urethral reconstruction, bladder reconstruction, and urogynecologic reconstruction. Male urethral reconstruction is generally offered for conditions such as urethral stricture disease, urethral injuries/trauma, urinary incontinence and rectourethral fistulas associated with trauma, surgery or radiation. Bladder reconstruction is required for management of injuries or malignancies of the pelvic region and often times is combined with major cancer operations of the pelvis. Urogynecologic reconstruction is offered to manage pelvic floor relaxation, urethral diverticula, urethral injuries in the female, urinary incontinence, and vesicovaginal fistulas caused by prior trauma, surgery or radiation.

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