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The C5 Neuropsychology Service renders comprehensive outpatient neuropsychology services for eligible C5 designated patients. Patients who have been identified as experiencing cognitive dysfunction, exposure to a blast or other brain trauma are routinely referred for a neuropsychological evaluation. The source of the patient’s brain injury (or cognitive dysfunction) can be from any type of incident and is not restricted to combat-related injuries.

Identified cognitive dysfunctions are addressed through education, remediation, and referral. The domains usually targeted in cognitive remediation include attention, concentration, memory, visual perception, spatial skills, and executive functions (e.g., decision making, reasoning, impulse control, cognitive flexibility). The degree of complexity and types of cognitive exercises are selected based upon the pattern of strengths and weaknesses identified on neuropsychological tests.

Findings from the neuropsychological evaluation may result in a referral for brain injury treatment. The patient may be referred for brain injury treatment at a VA Polytrauma Center, outpatient head injury rehabilitation program, or a VA or private facility close to the patient’s home. Staffing The staffing of C5 Neuropsychology Services is comprised of clinical neuropsychologists and psychometrists.

Target Population

Wounded, ill and injured C5 designated service members are the target population. Military dependents and retirees are seen on a space available basis. Diagnoses that are commonly evaluated and treated at C5 Neuropsychology Services include but are not limited to:
- Traumatic brain injury-stroke
- Degenerative disorders
- Other neurologically involved medical conditions

Services Provided

Below is a list of services that are provided by C5 Neuropsychology Services. Services include but are not limited to the following:
- Screening of TBI and Blast Exposure history
- Neuropsychological Assessment
- Cognitive Rehabilitation and Remediation
- Neuropsychological fitness for duty assessments
- Brief neuropsychological testing
- Mental health consultation, evaluation, and referral
- Psycho-educational classes
- Inpatient consultation
- Speech Therapy will be consulted for cognitive-linguistic treatment targets
- Limited duty reports
- Medical board reports and addendums
- Patient and Family Education Sessions

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