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Cancer 101

If you or a member of your family has received a diagnosis of "cancer", you may be interested in getting more information. Many patients have benefited from attending a class entitled "Cancer 101". This is a great class for patients newly diagnosed with cancer. The class is given by nurses, social workers, dieticians, and a chaplain. They can help answer your questions and help you find more resources. 

Look Good Feed Better Program

A free program that teaches beauty techniques to women cancer patients in active treatment to help them combat the appearance-related side effects of cancer treatment. For more information, call 619-532-7364.

Cancer Support Groups

Focusing on life issues impacting persons and family members with cancer. This group is open to patients with all types and stages of cancer from all clinics at Naval Medical Center San Diego. A patient-consult or referral is NOT required to attend.

  • 1st Tuesday/Month: Urology Cancer Support Group
  • 2nd Tuesday/Month: Medical Oncology Support Group
  • 3rd Tuesday/Month: Breast Cancer Support Group
  • 4th Tuesday/Month:: Care Givers Support Group


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Cancer Counselor Appointments 
(619) 532-8712
Cancer Social Worker
(619) 532-7364
Gynecology-Oncology Department Appointment Line
(619) 532-7199
Radiation-Oncology Department Appointment Line
(619) 532-7274
Breast Health Center Appointment Line
(619) 532-5828
Mammography Appointments
(619) 532-7394
Inpatient Oncology Unit, 5 East
(619) 532-6365
Pain Clinic
(619) 532-8937
(619) 532-9280
(619) 532-7865
Nuclear Medicine
(619) 532-8775
CT Scan
(619) 532-8377
Interventional Radiology
(619) 532-8742
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