Network Clinical Access

If access is required to both the network and specific clinical systems such as CHCS, AHLTA or Essentris, the following four documents are required.


Step 1: Fill out SAAR-N (System Authorization Access Request Navy) Form

Two sample forms and a blank form are available for easy reference. This document must be routed electronically and digitally signed. A non-digitally signed document cannot be accepted:
- SAAR-N OPNAV 5239/14 (Rev 9/2011) Form  (Military/Civilian sample  |  Contractor sample)
Helpful hints Page 1:
- The requester enters their DOD ID in 'Type of Request' block and today’s date in the 'Date' block.
- In System Name block, requester must put '76M5' along with what clinical systems they need access to (ex. 76M5/AHLTA/CHCS/ESSENTRIS).
- The requester enters their information into blocks 1-13.
- The date in block 10 must be the same as the date on the Cyber Awareness Certificate.
- The requester’s immediate supervisor agrees to block 14 and completes blocks 15-16b.
- Blocks 17-21 are to be left blank.
Helpful hints Page 3:
- The requester completes blocks 23-25.
- Part III is to be completed by the requester’s security manager.
- Part IV is to be left blank.

Step 2: Complete Cyber Awareness training

- Online training can be accomplished here:
- Course name: Department of Defense (DoD) Cyber Awareness Challenge 2021 (1 hr)
- Course number: DOD-IAA-V18.0 

Step 3: Complete Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) training

- Online training can be accomplished
- Course name: HIPAA and Privacy Act Training (1.5 hrs)
- Course number: DHA-US001 

Step 4: Submit via Email

Please send an unencrypted e-mail with these three (3) documents to:

- SAAR-N OPNAV 5239/14 (Rev 9/2011) Form  (Military/Civilian sample  |  Contractor sample)
- Cyber Security Certificate of completion (sample)
- HIPAA Certificate of completion
STEP 5: Submit AHLTA Transfer Form and IDC Letters/ Physician Letters via Email (If Applicable)
* If you have an existing AHLTA account, please fill out the AHLTA Account Transfer Form to have your account transferred to NMCSD.
 Submit AHLTA Transfer Form along with IDC/ Physician Letters (if applicable) encrypted to:
Failure to email all three documents will delay the processing of your network access.
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